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How to Create an Effective Lockout Strategy

When you need to create a lockout, it’s easy to do when you know the proper steps ahead of time. In the moment of danger or panic isn’t the time to attempt to learn the best lockout strategy, especially when you can learn this information now. The steps below are effective in creating your lockout strategy.

·    Familiarize yourself with the federal regulations regarding hazardous energy. The lockout and tagout information that you learn when you familiarize yourself with the regulations can save a lot of time and damage.

·    Inspect your facility. Look for any machines or equipment that may require a lockout in the future. Ensure that you have the proper valve lock systems in place for all machinery and equipment.

·    Identify potential electrical, thermal, and hydraulic dangers. Document the devices that isolate energy sources and label them for lockout.

·    Create a strategic lockout process for all energy sources in the business. Make sure that employees are involved in the implementation of the process, but it’s up to you to decide how involved they’ll be. Some people choose to make them aware of the process and how it affects them while other employers want their employees to understand the entire process in the event they must perform it.

valve lock systems

·    Place lockout and tagout devices in an area that is easily accessible in the event they’re needed. Make sure the lockout procedures manual/guide is placed nearby the lockout devices to better help with the procedure.

Final Thoughts

No matter the size of your business, creating a lockout procedure is important. It keeps everyone safe and protects your business and expensive equipment and machines. Follow the steps above to easily create an effective lockout/tagout strategy that works for your company’s needs.